Do you search to delegate your Tezos?
You are at the right baker!

We are a French blockchain agency registered with the Tezos foundation as a corporate baker
Why us? Because you want support a transparent baker with your  delegation!

How to stake?


How to start a Tezos Staking ?

Do you want to stake your Tezos and don't know how? Here is a step by step guide written by our tezos-stacking team:

Tezos staking require a Tezos wallet!

A Tezos wallet with a positive balance and so a Tezos wallet!
If you haven't wallet... open a Tezos Wallet. You can use : "Temple wallet" for example.


Delegate your Tezos in your wallet

Connect you at your Tezos wallet and search the "delegate" button or functionnality. Once you have found the delagation feature :

  • click on it and choose to select a custom baker to enter its baking address.
  • enter our baker's address in the field provided: tz1WYj85PVbi8ciNyTGUcBQVxz4RbUna2pJ2

  • validate and confirm the delegation operation

Check in your wallet that staking is ok

You should get a confirmation message from your wallet when the delegation operation has been successful.